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Beginners Watercolor

Utah State University Community Education 

Explore your creative side with 6 week course taught by artist Jennica Thurgood. I believe that the process of creating art is as important as the end result, so I emphasize the process over the product. With my help, you will learn the basics of watercolor through studying color theory, as well as various techniques and styles. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, I can help guide you in this creative process. 
Each lesson is about an hour long. At the beginning of each lesson we will look at what the student has been working on during their own time or go over what we worked on together. We'll go over some watercolor techniques and color theory. The last part will be spent using the skills we learned to paint their own piece.  
The Beginner Level
Here we start from square one. I actually recommend that everyone starts here. In the beginner level we start with some of the most basic skills needed in watercolor painting. 
6 Lesson 
These lessons are designed for those students that plan on spending more time on their own painting.  I recommend these lessons for adults and teens. 
During our time together we will spend more time on practicing the techniques and color theory.  The student will be expected to spend more of their own time on the assigned project/painting prompt. 

Tuesday February 6th - March 12th, 6:30 pm

USU Brigham City Community Education

Watercolor Painting
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